How to… do extensions well

Nowadays, it feels like everyone is offering extensions services, but it is a craft that needs to be honed to do it well. Vixen & Blush’s director, Danielle Pink, reveals her top five tips to extensions success

Vixen & Blush is renowned for creating natural-looking extensions. The salon creates custom-made extensions for every client, ensuring its status as one of London’s leading hair extension salons. Vixen & Blush’s Danielle shares with us her top tips to making sure you can do your client’s extensions with confidence, every time:

  1. Sectioning of the client’s own hair when having hair extensions, whether it’s a ring, bond or tape. The section should always be consistently even on both sides to ensure a safe weight distribution when growing out.


  1. Consultation is key! Getting clients to come in for a consultation to discuss the methods available is paramount as certain hair types suit different hair extensions methods. We like to put a test piece in when coming in for a consultation for clients to see how the extension feels in their hair. They have the option to go home with it in and test it out over a couple of days.


  1. Hair texture and quality is one of the most important factors. If the hair is good quality, it will be very easy to blow-dry and style. If the hair is dry and coarse, it can lead to over-tugging on extensions and pressure to the hair. Texture match is also important when applying extensions. Wavy hair will need something that can help move and sit the same way as their own natural wave will. And the same with a sleeker, straighter hair type.

  1. Consider colour matching. This is an important factor when applying extensions to ensure the best results. Hair is made up of a variety of tones – blonde hair especially can be made up of at least three to four tones so to get that natural blend, we need to create that perfect colour match by matching to all the tones that we see, not just applying one colour.


  1. The importance of aftercare. We like to make sure that all our clients feel confident and have a good idea on how to maintain their hair. A good quality volumising shampoo is essential. It is important to use the correct shampoo as many cheaper shampoos create a build-up on the hair extensions, which is very hard to get rid of and makes the hair look limp and greasy. We recommend Pureology Clean Volume Shampoo as this is a colour safe range, which is also vegan. We also recommend using a good quality hair oil. But aftercare extends to beyond take-home products. We offer clients a leaflet with tips and tricks on washing/styling/wearing hair up/going on holiday. Good aftercare can make all the difference.

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