How to nail that all-important social media image 

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Education

Not Another Salon became the second most-followed salon on Instagram in just six months. But what is it that really makes an image take your breath away? Here are my tips to turn smart phone snaps into something really special.


It’s all about… the split

You may have noticed ‘the split’ hair position we do when taking pictures of our colours. This was something I did one day when I was frustrated by the space people’s backs were taking up in photos. If their back takes up most of the image it overpowers the hair. Taking the shot on an angle and splitting the hair slims the image down…


It’s all about… the polish

If you are styling straight, then by god make sure it’s straight. Turn your straighteners in slightly the whole way down to prevent any little hairs from sticking out. Spray hairspray onto your hands and slowly bring them down the hair to ensure a really smooth finish.


It’s all about… the lighting

I spent a fortune on my salon lighting, creating the perfect balance between warm and cool lights with no shadows – and that’s why our images are so well balanced (most, if not all). Honestly, if I wasn’t able to have that I would consider buying a soft box or a special light for one area where I take the images. I really would take it that seriously. 


It’s all about… the background

It’s funny, I would always find a plain wall for taking pictures of my work as we are all taught from somewhere that that is the thing to do. But when I opened the salon I completely changed my mind. I LOVE having the salon in the background. Firstly, because the salon has a unique look, people will instantly recognise our work. Secondly – and most importantly – when people flick down the Instagram page, they get a feeling of what it’s like to be in the salon itself. This is so important – the purpose of social media for a business like a salon is to take the intimidation away from the experience. When clients visit for the first time they feel comfortable, because they feel like they already know the place and have been there before. 


It’s all about…. the accessories

If you notice your client has a coat that matches her hair… then get her to put it on for the shot. Maybe your nail girls did matching nails? Get shooting that! Find a way of introducing into the photo these elements of who your client is.


It’s all about… the lack of face

We all know that no matter how good our client’s hair looks when we take a picture, if she pulls an awkward smile the image is ruined. I think it’s best to avoid faces altogether, shooting from the back or getting the client to tilt her head to the side. Yes, we do shoot faces every now and then, but we wait for that right client.


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