How to… perfect your salon’s customer service

by | 10 Sep 2017

A positive client experience can go a long way. When a client leaves your salon feeling appreciated, you’re on the right path towards creating a good and lasting relationship with them. Communicating effectively and showing that you care is not only vital for client retention, but it’s also a great way to acquire new clients. Providing consistent exceptional customer service and a warm atmosphere in the salon is one of the most powerful word-of-mouth marketing tools out there.

Here, Slawomir Gawlowski, a business development coach for software management company, Versum, reveals how you can improve customer service in your hair salon.

Customer service: going above and beyond

Nothing will replace a great stylist who can conjure miracles when styling or cutting their client’s hair, but will a shy or depressed hairdresser leave a good impression and make the client feel good? Probably not. If we’re honest, when it comes to a bad customer experience, we’ve all been there at least once before and your clients have at one time or another left a salon with a great hairstyle, but with the feeling of not being attended to or cared for on a personal level. Most likely it will be an unpleasant stylist who was in a bad mood rather than the hairstyle itself that they’ll remember.

It’s vital to keep in mind that providing good customer service is in the hands of your team. It’s a good idea to motivate your staff regularly by encouraging them to work on their communication and interpersonal skills. After all, a good hairdresser is also a real life friend whose scissors work as a magic wand, who listens to a client’s life stories, their worries and recent experiences, and makes them feel good about themselves.

Clients love it when you express genuine interest in them – what their hobbies are, their pet hates, what they did on the weekend. And all of this can be recorded in their electronic customer profile. The electronic customer database is the perfect place where stylists can go to grab the all-important information they need about their customer. They can find out when a customer is planning on coming in again, what their dog’s name is or which marathon they were preparing for. Your client will be pleasantly surprised during their next visit when you refer back to your most recent conversation with them.

Be fully prepared

When a client returns to their hairdresser, they’re putting their trust in the hands of a specialist who knows exactly what they need. They want to sit back, relax in a comfortable chair and simply say, “just do what you did last time”. To avoid disappointments from the client’s end, make sure you’re fully prepared before each visit.

This is where salon management software comes in handy. If you’re diligent about keeping track of all-important information that will be needed for future services and treatments, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Keep a record of your customer’s preferences, take note of what they’re allergic to, attach a description and photos of their latest hairstyle. That way, when your customer visits your salon, you’ll have everything down pat.

Keeping in touch

Maintaining open and consistent communication is an essential part of any healthy relationship. Staying in touch regularly with your clients and delivering what you promise lets them know they’re important to you and your salon.

Nowadays, sending upcoming appointment reminders is an everyday task, but go that one step further and send your client a happy birthday message or a Christmas wish via text. It’s also a good idea to communicate regularly with your client through email. Let them know about the newest products or the latest happenings in the salon or even suggest some hair care tips.  All of this will help to reinforce the message that you’re the expert for all their hair needs.

Communication with the client via text and email can be improved and even automated with the help of good hair salon software.  The system will not only help you with distribution, but it will also help analyse your client database and target the right market.

An engaging customer loyalty programme

Providing basic customer service is standard practice and something that any company can offer – so you need to do more so that your clients feel valued . Additional rewards offered by a loyalty programme can make your clients feel connected with your salon. Not only are they looking to get a fantastic haircut or colour, but they also want to have a pleasant experience at your salon and perhaps receive a special gift during their visit. By treating your client with special care, your salon becomes a haven that they’ll enjoy coming to, every time.

Once again, a good salon management system comes in handy when creating a loyalty programme in your salon. Within just a few minutes, you can launch a tool that will not only look attractive but also effective.

An online customer profile, automated communication and an effective loyalty programme are the perfect tools to help you improve customer service in your salon and, above all, you’ll be able to build a truly lasting relationship with your clients.

But maybe you’re worried that putting the wheels in motion requires a lot of time and special skills? Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The best salon software, such as Versum, is the perfect tool to help you efficiently introduce the above features into your salon, alongside many other practical improvements.

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