How to… use social media to build your business

It’s an ‘always on’ world: if we’re not responding to emails or booking an appointment, we’re using social media. But how do you make sure your business can be heard in all the digital noise? Wella is here to help…

With all the apps, digital tools and social platforms out there, it can be incredibly confusing for salon businesses to work out how to make the most of the new digital era. Questions such as how do you make sure your Instagram is bringing you new clients and what do you need to take the perfect picture for your feed roll around in our heads until it all becomes Too Big to think about and we brush it aside to be tackled another day. That’s why Wella launched a new range of courses to help stylists and business owners find their way in the world of digital.

“On each session, Wella discusses Instagram with the  hairdresser and lots of them don’t recognise the business opportunities,” says Dan Jones (@danwellamcr), Manchester Studio educator and Wella social media expert. “We all find it easy to use social media for inspiration, but find it hard to build our own profiles or utilise it for business. For example, many hairdressers are always in doubt when choosing the right light for taking pictures or writing hashtags. That’s why we now have seminars that can help them with these challenges and show how social media can grow their salon brand awareness and salon profile”.

How to become a social media pro

At the beginning of the year, Wella launched Activate your Digital Business course and it became a bestseller. It’s so popular that all the dates are full until the end of 2018, with a long waiting list for the next year – so if you would like to attend, make sure you secure your booking soon. The course is led by the Wella Education team and is mainly focused on how to make the web work for your salon business and stand out from your competitors to gain and retain clients. Participants are not only learning the language of different platforms and audiences for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest but they’re practicing using different digital tools. such as Google My Business and CRM.

Following the success of Activate your Digital business, the Wella studios organised an evening event called Digital Influence Lab. Unlike the day course that targets mostly salon owners and managers, the evening soiree is more suitable for the stylists’ needs. It is packed with the latest social media trends, hair demonstrations on how to recreate the most popular Instagram looks, as well as recommendations on taking pictures and building your own brand on social media. Wella is launching this event across all the Wella Studios this year and into 2019. It will be hosted by different Art Team members alongside Wella educators.

“In addition to the dedicated courses, we try to find time within our everyday sessions to give an opportunity for our customers to play with the looks they created, set the ring light and take pictures they can use for their Instagram accounts,” explains Katie Howarth, Manchester Studio leader. “We are currently working on more exciting things to support our customers in this digital era, so watch the space!”

To find out more visit education.wella.com, follow #wellastudioUKI on social media or contact your nearest Wella Studio.

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