I Love to Learn

I started at the age of 12, and haven’t stopped since!

Continually progressing what you do, taking an interest in everything around you and constantly looking for inspiration – all these have been central to my work throughout my career. I absolutely believe that to be a successful hairdresser, you should never stop learning.

I am forever grateful for the opportunities I was given by my brothers early in my career. I certainly wouldn’t have been so successful without their support. They not only taught me everything they knew, they also allowed me to push my creativity and develop my skills. I have been constantly learning since I was 12, when I first began working in the salon with my dad and my brothers, after school and in the holidays. By the time I left school at 16 I was more or less qualified and from then on, my brother Bruno took me ‘under his wing’ as his assistant, not only in the salon, but also when he went to work on magazine shoots and, later on, shows and seminars.  Every day I learnt something new.

Bruno and I both had this vision to share our work with hairdressers across the globe and soon after founding our first artistic team we were constantly travelling, teaching and demonstrating. We soon started creating collection books with step by step instructions and then also videos and DVDs. Now, of course, in our ‘always on’ world, online education is the latest step and as educators we must create and share an ever-increasing amount of ‘content’. That hasn’t changed my educational philosophy at all. Even today a central part of my work is about education. I still believe education is paramount to success and I firmly believe that sharing what we do as soon as we do it, inspires our peers and makes us progress all the time. One of my favourite phrases is: “What’s new today is old tomorrow.” That’s why we have to keep learning.