I’m with the brand

And it keeps me highly motivated!

It was great to have my sister Isobel assist me on this CurlBar shoot.

Hot Tools Professional

Last year I was offered the role of European Brand Ambassador for the electrical styling tools brand, Hot Tools Professional.

Since their launch into the EU I’ve been involved in lots of their events and projects, but it was working on the CurlBar collection that has been my favourite to date.

It was a great experience creating four different looks to represent the versatility of the CurlBar styling tool. I’d worked hard with the Hot Tools team to design mood boards for the looks we wanted to create and the stories behind them and there’s no better feeling than seeing them come to life on the actual day.

On this shoot I also got to test out the Hot Tools CurlBar Set, which launches this month. I loved the challenge of learning how to use it in new unique ways and testing out my favourite techniques with it. Working with a brand that is so technologically advanced is very inspiring and I can’t wait to see what other great projects we will be working on in 2018.

L: 2013 Wella Global Artistic Fusion Event in Manchester
R: With the talented students and models at the Wella hairdressing seminar at Barnsley College

Wella Professionals

I’ve worked with Wella for a few years now and I credit a large part of my success to the brand, whether that’s from the projects I get involved in, such as the Colour Club, or the innovative products they launch that enable me to create the colour collections I’ve always dreamed of. Wella’s Young Brit Challenge (now called Trend Vision) was one of the very first competitions I entered and it really ignited a spark in me for doing stage work.

This year I’m honoured to be part of the Mentoring Programme for the 2018 TrendVision awards entrants – I’m looking forward to getting involved and all the experiences that will bring.