I’m with the brand

And it keeps me highly motivated!

When I’m working with any brand the starting point is always getting to know their identity, philosophy and understanding their culture. For the past four years I have been involved with KMS and played a role in designing their new look – I took part in product design, packaging design and even had an influence on the marketing campaigns.

This then led to my being part of the global team, who designed and shot the last three annual global KMS campaigns. These campaigns are the starting point for the Academy Courses that are designed and rolled out across the world; they need to be taught to the local educators and then passed on to the stylists attending the courses.

Each campaign is also brought to life in a stage show that’s presented at Coldwell’s annual global event, Global Zoom.

As KMS are all about building a global style community network, there is a lot more going on. I’m a spokesperson for the brand so I also launch new KMS products to the consumer beauty press in London and across the world, lead immersive events in London and travel abroad to deliver education and inspiration. Recently my travels have taken me to Rome, New York City, Canada and Taiwan.

I also head up shows for KMS at London Fashion Week, including for designers, Bora Aksu, Thomas Tait, Sophie Webster and Joshua Kane. We have also made a series of how-to tutorial videos sharing a variation of techniques for the consumer and the stylist.

Another part of the role that I love has been sharing my knowledge with the KMS Session Syndicate. This was a mentoring program put in place in the UK to give up-and-coming talent the foundation skills for session styling. During the program we’ve covered classic hair-up skills, product knowledge and inspiration days that lead to a photo-shoot and hands-on experience assisting at London Fashion Week.