In my kitbag

I never leave home without…

Over the years my kit has expanded more and more, to the extent that it now resides both in the large cupboard under the stairs and in the shed. When you first start your session kit it’s super-minimal, and then you turn up on a shoot without a vital product or brush or whatever, so you make sure you have it the next time… And then that next time there’s something else you don’t have… So your kit just expands and expands. These are my current go-to essentials:


My Mason & Pearson was a 21st birthday present from my brother, and he actually let me have it early for my FAME Team audition! It goes everywhere with me



These two YS Park pin tail combs are my favourites for dressing and colouring hair. The red one fits in my hand so comfortably and the black one has so many teeth it’s perfect for a soft or dense back-comb

Biolage RAW Texturizing spray is my go-to product of the moment. It’s amazing for prepping hair as it can be as light or as gritty as you need. And given that everyone is so in-tune with the environment and sustainability now, it’s great to have a backstage product that fits that. It makes models very happy!

Some of the best kit is stuff that’s not meant for hairdressing. My pin box is actually a tool box from B&Q; it’s sturdy and holds everything. Then my patter – which is amazing for moulding, shaping hair and diffusing products when drying – is made from a frying pan cover and a stocking!



The black curved sectioning combs have been created by my good friend and awesome hairdresser Chrystofer Benson. He gave these to me on a shoot last year, and I have never taken them out my kitbag since. They are fantastic to section hair without making any indents, and they are brilliant for working with wigs and wefts

I’m a lefty so scissors have always been a challenge for me! A student of mine recommended Akito  – they’re not stupidly expensive, and they look cool. I choose these ones because they go with my ring from The Great Frog, ha ha! But honestly, they’re the best scissors I’ve owned