In my kitbag

Session bags just don’t happen; they evolve over the years.

My original kit bag consisted of just personal items such as brushes, scissors, a cutting comb, thinning scissors, a razor and a Denman brush. Over the years it has grown extensively, mostly through hair pieces, embellished framing and electrical tools such as wands, tongs and crimpers, etc.

I never travel with wet products, such as mousses, gels and setting lotions, as the brands I work with usually supply them on location. Hair pieces are really important, though, especially for catwalk shows. Everybody wants extra hair so it is vital to have the right shades and lengths (usually 22” and onwards). I have a store room, where I archive hair pieces that are too big to be transported. I use them for inspiration.

A drawing book is handy to have so you can sketch shapes. If you haven’t got a book then an iPhone, iPad or a digital camera could also work.

I have a big pin box and a small pin box. The big pin box is for major runway and seminar shows. I get mine at haberdashery stores or fishing suppliers. It’s really important to make sure your pin box is stable and organised. Smaller pin boxes are for running around with – for example, on location.

Here are a few more “must-haves”:

  • An extension lead – 4-way and a few metres long.
  • Varying widths of string and elastic
  • Silver sectioning clips
  • A portable hairdryer with a retractable hood
  • Carmen hot rollers and bendy rods
    (usually used for perming, but good for creating texture and body in the hair)
  • Velcro rollers in three different sizes
  • Silver wave clips
  • Tint brush and bowl
  • Water spray
  • International adaptors