In my kitbag

I never leave home without…

I have different types of bristle brushes for blow-drying as they each have different tensions.

I have a full set of YS Park brushes, great to blow dry hair with a strong tension. They help to smooth out curly/thick hair fast.

The Primp hexagon brush is a Japanese brand I bought from Session Kit. It’s very soft on the head so it doesn’t hurt models when I’m brushing their hair along the scalp. I use it to blow-dry tangly hair as it doesn’t get caught.

The Centaure brush is from Delorme in Paris. They’re dirt cheap so I don’t get upset if I lose mine. I hate doing a full blow-dry with a Centaure as I feel the hair doesn’t goes through the bristles enough but I love them to smooth out hairlines, and especially on curly, frizzy or Afro hairlines. They are soft on the scalp and skin too, which is important because you don’t want to hurt your model when trying to get a beautiful finish.

I have been through a lot of suitcases over the years.

Usually it’s the wheels that go first – after all the knocks in and out of the car or down the stairs. I’ve had a Burton for three years now and I would never buy any other bag.

The wheels are the same as skate boards so you get a really smooth roll, which takes the strain off you when you’re pulling. The inside is square and super-organised for your kit.

Recently I broke one of my wheels when I came off a flight. I took it back to Burton and they gave me a new bag – no questions asked! The customer service is incredible.

This picture is of me and my friend in NYC after we picked up our new bags.

You always need a good pair of scissors to cut elastic, hair nets or anything else you might be using in hair. I use an old pair of scissors that I attach with a clip. Some people attach them with elastic but then there’s always the risk they’ll spring back when you’re trying to stretch them!