In my kitbag

I never leave home without…

As a travelling colourist you rarely need to take boxes and boxes of hair colour with you as it’s generally supplied at the event. So here is a quick breakdown of what always ends up in my bag:

Clips – I’m a clip junkie. I have hundreds from all over the world, and I find the best ones are the green ones from Japan (other colours are available). They grip the hair so well, no matter what how thick it is. Whenever I approach a colour application I like to section all the hair before applying my colour, using two clips per section for security

Combs – I have different combs for different jobs: a metal-ended pintail comb for sectioning (Denman’s are my faves), and a wide-toothed comb for root applications and blending

Tint brushes – various sizes and shapes, as they all have different uses. I like to use smaller, stiffer bristles for neat work and root applications, and larger bushes for applying to the ends. For freehand techniques I’ve tried all types of tools: sponges, paint brushes, make-up sponges… But this soft bristled brush I got from Nancy on the L’Oréal Professionnel innovation team is great for applying soft hairlines and blending

Black Sharpie pen – useful for hiding bleach spots on back clothes 🙂

Scales – I’m very precise in colour formulations; a single gram can make a huge difference. I always measure every mixture and recommend it to anyone. You will save on product and get the best results

Freehand boards – I’ve tried many, but these ones from L’Oréal Professionnel are by far the best

Foil – great to isolate and insulate hair colour for neat application – i prefer a light weight foil which fold easy you can really tell after working with this stuff for years (told you i was OCD ha ha)

L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond – I use it everywhere I go, in ever colour. Amazing results

Laptop – contains everything I have ever done – all my presentations, shoot photos and ideas… Irreplaceable

Phone ­– I find it amazing that we can carry around so much in this little device. I’m forever photographing for reference and inspiration

Noise canceling headphones – sometime you just need to block the world out. These headphones are always with me when I travel and great for some quiet time on aeroplanes