In my kitbag

My scissors: Mizutani/Saco scissors 5.5 – pretty much the only cutting tool I use and need. I designed these ones with the blade-making legend Mizutani. Each pair is made by hand in Japan (in a small cave on the top of mount Fuji. No, really!).

My comb: a Buey 307. For me, the best all-round comb. Large teeth for sectioning and working with texture; fine teeth for precision cutting. Perfect!

My neck brush: By Saco – originally discovered as an architect’s brush (for removing eraser debris from drawings), it’s perfect for gently removing cut hairs and it looks great too!

Mousse: A classic product and one I’ve never fallen out with. A good (light) mousse gives guts, malleability and finish to almost all hair types.

My clippers: the one exception to my ‘scissors only’ approach to hair cutting. Great for fading super-short lengths and polishing hair surfaces, perfecting the silhouette.

Mini Denman brush: used for finishing hairlines and shorter lengths.

Saco/ Air brush by YS Park: used for wrap-drying – my staple approach to  finishing hair. Gives a natural finish and it’s so easy to control.

Sectioning clips: these generic flat ‘silver-clips’ are the only ones for me because their light grip and flat surfaces mean they don’t mark the hair.

My Mason & Pearson: unparalleled smoothing and my best friend on a shoot.

OSiS+ Session Label flexible hold hairspray: super-dry and very brush-able, I love it!