In my kitbag

by | 20 Apr 2010

I never leave home without…

Mason & Pearson brush
– because the finish it gives to the hair is second to none

BaByliss PRO tongs
– they are reliable, heat up fast, come in every size I could need, and have adjustable heat settings to create different results

French hair net
– for setting hair to create flatness and shape

Hair wefts, wigs and fringes
– for transforming models’ looks when you can’t cut their hair

– for curly hair and setting

BaByliss PRO clippers
– for grooming and cutting wigs

BaByliss PRO hairdryer
– lightweight, reliable and fast

Japanese grips
– super-strong

French pins
– super-strong and invisible

Flat setting clips
– for setting hair with minimal marks

Hat elastic
– great for ponytails, setting and for attaching head pieces

Needle and thread
– for making padding, sewing clips on wefts, and for some hair-ups

KMS Moist Repair Leave in conditioner
– my favourite primer

KMS Sea Salt Spray
– for creating texture

KMS Working Spray
– for setting and creating texture. You can layer up and brush out easily

Extension lead

Scissor and comb selections
–multiple varieties needed for different jobs

Leaf blower
– creates movement on shoots

– bringing good vibes to the day


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