It’s a knockout!

When Anne Veck was asked to get a model fighting fit for a shoot, she faced a few challenges…

“I love taking part in collaborations and working to someone else’s creative brief. As the starting point is not mine it’s taking me in a direction I wouldn’t have gone independently. Collaborations are usually lots of fun, as you’re not representing a brand, you’re not trying to sell a product or educate….It’s just pure pleasure! It’s fantastically rewarding.

“The brief from the photographer was all about creating your own fashion statement through sportswear and hairstyle. Hair is no longer the last priority when it comes to working out, and if you are going to get your hair out of your face, you may as well be creative with it and show your personality. It’s all about feeling fit, feeling good, self motivation…

“The looks were dictated by the location. We only had access to the boxing ring for three hours, so everything had to be done in that time frame. We prepped the mode’s hair at the make-up artist’s place. I had one hour for the first look, which again was a bit tight considering how intricate plaiting was involved. Preparation is a must, and I had to practice, practice, practice to get my timing down! I prepped some hair pieces to give myself some time. I knew that for look two and three, I would have very little time and probably no access to a power socket! So again more practice was needed to make sure the transition from look two to three was literally down to just 10 minutes.”

Hair by Anne Veck @annevecksalons
Assisted by Kari-Anne Habbershaw @kahabbershaw
Photography and styling by Magic Owen @magicowenphotography
Make-up by Morgan Defre @makeupbydefre
Model: Hannah Levitt Collins @hannahlevittcollins
Location: 12 Rounds Boxing Club @12roundsboxing

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