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This is a great question Adam, but one that will lead me to ask you some questions at the end.

First, you must remember that the clients that used to be served by this team member are actually clients of your salon and not the team member. At least that is how they should feel. Often salons forget the importance of building a whole team relationship with a client and leave the relationship building to a stylist.

It’s quite common that other team members fail to engage with or get to know all clients, too. If they did get to know them, then when a stylist left clients would feel comfortable transferring to another one within the salon environment that they know, love and feel comfortable in.

Now, that might sound like shutting the stable door after the ‘horse’ has bolted,
but looking again at your salon culture might prevent you losing more ‘horses’
in the future.

Referring to my earlier point, the client belongs to your salon and in these days of GDPR this is a really important issue. If the team member has taken any contact information then this could be in breach of GDPR regulations and a letter from your solicitor needs to be sent to the stylist to that effect.

You are responsible for the security of client data and therefore your security could be questioned if they were to contact your clients. Hopefully all of your team contracts include clauses regarding GDPR and all of your staff are aware of this.

Now, back to the clients that you’re concerned about losing. It’s important to note that they won’t all go – some will and they will be the ones that, sadly, you will focus on, because that hurts. The reality is that many won’t leave and you should love them for it. Reassure them that life will continue and that all of your team value them and will take care of them in the future.

As soon as anyone leaves, be proactive. Use every means possible to engage with the clients that you’re at risk of losing before they even consider going elsewhere – mail, email, Facebook, Twitter! Offer them added value or incentives to stay with you. I’m not a fan of discounts but
I am, however, a big fan of added value.

Be creative, and think outside the box. Offer invitation-only events to meet your remaining team members while you share seasonal tips and advice or share fashion trends and ideas for the future. Excite and intrigue them.

Now the questions, Adam. Apart from relocation or a change in family circumstances, most people leave a job because they have been given an ‘opportunity’ elsewhere. Opportunities come in many forms and could be a financial reward, promotion, education, extra responsibility or creative growth. These are all areas that are the responsibility of a forward-thinking salon owner.

At 3•6•5 we coach salons to find out what people want and help them to achieve it. Ask yourself these two questions whenever you lose a quality team member. What opportunity are they leaving for? Could you have created a similar opportunity and if not, why not? Food for thought…

Ken West is director of business experts 3•6•5 – email him on

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