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My initial questions to anyone who is considering a rebrand would be ëWhy are you rebranding? Is the business profitable? Is it attracting new clients? Does it have a good reputation? Does it attract good staff?  If the answer to all of these questions is ‘yes’, then why risk a brand and reputation that has been built up over many years, just so that you can look like the ‘shiny new toy’?

It may be wiser to consider a brand makeover. Refresh your logo and all of your marketing materials, give the salon a makeover, reignite your team but keep the brand that is behind the reputation. This is something that we see regularly with leading products and high street retailers.

What I believe you are doing, Robbie, is taking over an existing salon that you currently work in and presumably you are paying for the goodwill of the ‘brand’. I understand your desire to ‘make your mark’ but please consider the above.

A rebrand could, however, bring some wonderful opportunities. You could attract a different clientele and new team members, and you could totally reposition yourself in the market place. All of these are great reasons for a rebrand but make sure that you totally re-invent your ‘product’ and all of your marketing.

I am also aware that the current owner
will continue to work in the salon and this can often bring its own challenges, all of which I am happy to discuss if you would like to email me directly ñ contact details are at the bottom of the page.

You may have heard the expression: ‘all fur coat and no knickers’. My concern would be that you could end up being ‘new fur coat but same knickers’.

There is no right or wrong – good luck either way, Robbie.

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Ken West