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Ken’s diagnosis:

First of all, congratulations for being in business for 50 years. This is something to be really proud of and often in our world of ‘shiny new toys’, it’s easy to think that this isn’t something to boast about. I believe it is. It shows that you have managed to move with the times, remain current and have run a successful and profitable business.

So how can you celebrate this? Well the last salon that I worked closely with that had reached such a milestone produced a wonderful book that it gave to its clients and friends. It was a beautiful pictorial journey of all that it had achieved over the past 50 years. Now, we don’t all have that salon’s track record of international success, but you have your own history, photos and a story that would be lovely to share. It’s relatively simple to produce a book nowadays and there are many websites that can help. 

While you are celebrating, share your plans for the future – this will inspire both your clients and your team. Salons only become ‘fuddy-duddy’ when they allow themselves to become complacent. Constantly keep your salon looking amazing. Nice is not enough. Keep your team educated and the best they can possibly be. Good is not good enough and the challenge for a long-standing salon can often be that the team becomes complacent. They are successful and ‘know what they know’ but skills is the one area where you absolutely must keep up with ‘the shiny new thing’. Experience and age hopefully bring knowledge but can also bring comfort and complacency. The fact is we never know enough. Even the most senior and experienced stylists should constantly update their skills. Dinosaurs become extinct.

Make the most of your social media platforms to ensure that you celebrate everything that is new in your salon. Praise and celebrate success and education so that the public are aware that you believe in constant education and growth.  

Lastly, involve your community in your celebrations. Without them you would not have survived. Hopefully you are already involved in community projects, local charities and consumer groups. Clients, both old and new, love to support a business that gives back.

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Ken West