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by | 1 Sep 2020

At time of press, most of the challenges we are facing are set to be with us for many months to come. Some of the practices we are now being forced to adopt may, and probably should, remain with us forever.

We are already beginning to see white space creeping into appointment books as the pent-up demand for post-lockdown hairdressing is being satisfied. What we are also seeing is that many of the clients we were expecting to see return are choosing not to. This is for many reasons. Some have found alternative solutions for their hairdressing needs but some have chosen not to return because they still feel unsafe, nervous or apprehensive. Many of us can empathise with those feelings even though we need them to return to our businesses.

So how does that answer your question, Esther? Well, what I do know from personal conversations is that some clients are choosing not to return because they now realise that the experience they received in the salons that they used to visit does not justify the cost and stress that they would now endure.

At 3•6•5 we have always known that if clients merely came to you for the ‘product’ you delivered, they would eventually find that ‘product’ cheaper elsewhere. By ‘product’ I refer to any of the services that you deliver. However, if they came to you because of the experience you delivered, even if your ‘product’ merely met their expectations, the experience would then provide the true value that would make them return again and again.

With the guidelines that we currently have to work within often we cannot deliver some of the luxury experience, as you have stated. However, I believe that there is a new luxury which will eventually become a new expectation: safety!

Your clients need to feel absolutely as safe as you can possibly make them. No corners cut, no expense spared and no compromises made.

So, my answer to you Esther is to give the best experience you possibly can within the guidelines that are given to us… and then go the extra mile with every safety precaution that you can. For now at least, safety and reassurance is the new luxury, but in the future it will become a mere expectation and we will have to work on creating a new and even better experience.

Ken West is director of business experts 3•6•5 – email him on

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