Let’s get wavy, Davy

Curlers at the ready – we’re about to get wavy with this men’s long hair step by step from Ross Charles, founder of Ross Charles Hairdressing in York

There are many diverse ways for men to style longer hair now, and with texture remaining at the forefront of men’s hair trends for AW18, it’s time to get creative! Small tube-like rollers are a styling accessory that I love working with and, yes, it is slightly outside the box… but they instantly add oomph and movement to men’s hair, elevating the final look.

Begin with damp hair that has been primed, something to add texture and shine without weighing the hair down at all. Starting from the front of the head, begin at the centre parting and take sections of hair around 1” thick to ensure a tight curl is formed that will later be teased and brushed out.

I used small tube rollers from an Italian distributor that I had in the salon for a while and took inspiration from. Take a section of hair around 2” thick and then split that down the centre so you create pairs of rollers over the entire head.

It’s crucial to keep sections close together to ensure the overall look is uniform and even. Working from the top down will also allow you to define your sections and make it much easier for you to keep your sectioning clean and crisp.

Allow adequate time for the damp hair to dry while pinned in the rollers. If you prefer, you can use a dryer to speed up this process before beginning to remove the rollers. Begin from the top and work your way down to follow the pattern in which you put the rollers in.

Loosen the curls with your fingers and tease the hair to create that movement and volume among the strands. Using a salt spray at this point will elevate the look and add to that dramatic movement you have already laid the foundation for. Work it in with your fingers and then gently backcomb to finish the look.

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