Louder than ever

Ready to get raw? Punk vibes and high art as NOISE London 2018 thrills

Having started life as a tiny guerrilla hair gathering, NOISE – a former Most Wanted Award for Innovation winner – has become one of the most exciting nights on the calendar. You only discover the venue on the day of the event (this year it was Bush Hall in West London), so it’s a scramble to make sure you can get a place. But it’s worth it, as the selection on stage is mouth-watering.

Poland’s Jaga Hupalo went Technicolor with spiked collars of hair; Ukraine’s Andrey Krupchinskiy got all Donnie Darko with gothic bunny ears while Trevor Sorbie’s Tom Connell tantalised with texture. Richard Ashforth, the brains behind NOISE, hit the stage with his Saco crew to slice in disconnected bobs against a background of shredded capes.

The Brooks & Brooks team (with It List double winner, Grace Dalgleish) then delivered fishnet fabulous-ness and silver will-o’-the-wisps. Played out to a thumping Grace Jones track, Tim Hartley’s presentation was straight out of the darkest corners of London’s club scene. His trio of rock ‘n’ roll animals preened and posed in fetish-style outfits, while Tim cut and styled their hair into dramatically angular shapes. Make some NOISE!

Andrey Krupchinsky

Brooks and Brooks

Jaga Hupalo


Tim Hartley

Tom Connell