In the rush of everyday life, it’s easy to get caught up on the day-to-day running of a business and forget about other aspects that help run a salon – such as marketing. However, marketing is a golden tool that shouldn’t be neglected. It can boost sales and expand your client base. Here, Monika Kasperczyk, global marketing manager at Versum, reveals her five simple steps to making your marketing easy and efficient

If only marketing could be simple. If only there was an effective solution that doesn’t cost valuable time or hard work. All you need is an efficient marketing system that will increase the number of appointments made and attract new clients to your salon. Sounds good right? Versum’s Monika reveals that this is possible and how you can make it happen for your salon in five easy steps.

1. Get to know your clients well
Knowing and understanding your clients is the perfect starting point for planning any type of activity to make your salon grow. By having this knowledge at hand, you’ll know how to adjust your prices to suit your clientele, create an attractive offer and meet client expectations. Not only that, but you’ll also be savvy enough to prepare successful and effective marketing campaigns that will make your salon’s business flourish. Client profiles are a mine of knowledge and the best way to go about storing this information is to use good salon management software and create an online client database. The data you store will be secure and easy to access, and the online database should include all the necessary information you and your staff need, such as appointment history, list of purchased services and products, as well as notes about customers’ preferences and expectations. By being armed with such knowledge, you can plan special promotions and prepare offer packages easily.

2. Regular communication is key
While having an attractive offer and providing a high level of service is good, it’s not enough to win your client’s loyalty. Just as in all aspects of life, the foundation of every lasting relationship is constant communication. Today’s consumers are well and truly aware of what choices they have when it comes to choosing a salon and they want you to chase after them – you need to make the first move and encourage them to return. It’s a two-way street and it really pays off being systematic in your communication with your clients. That way, the bond you form with your client is constantly reinforced and it will give them the warm and fuzzy feeling that you care about them. Why not start with sending out SMS appointment reminders, thank you messages for using your salon’s services and birthday wishes? Then you can move on to the latest promotions and news about your salon. All of this will make your clients feel special.

3. Be where your customers are – online!
Today’s customers are constantly using the virtual world to look for services so it all comes down to making your presence known online. Think about accommodating to your clients’ needs – they should have ease of access to all the info they need about your salon. A website that’s easy to navigate and active social media channels (eg. a Facebook profile) is the perfect way to showcase your offering and build an engaged community. Instagram is also great for sharing content that illustrates your work. Why not go that extra step further and post interesting and creative videos on YouTube to promote your services? By using these social media tools you narrow the gap between your client and your salon, and they will think about you when looking to make a hair appointment. The online reservation system should be linked to wherever your salon services are promoted – throughout social media channels and online.

4. Use the power of recommendation
Before a potential client decides to choose a particular salon or service, they go online to read the reviews. They want to know what other people think and what their experience was like. Recommendations from satisfied clients are more powerful than any other form of advertising, so it’s a good idea to strive for providing personalised and exceptional service to each and every client as they’ll be an active ambassador for your salon. After each visit, encourage your client to share their experience online. Credible comments are posted on your salon’s website and on social media channels so that potential clients can easily find them. Build up on your salon’s image by using the voice of satisfied clients. Don’t have enough time in the day to take care of this? No worries. A good salon management system will do all the work for you.

5. Invite your clients to have some fun
Whether you’re thinking about introducing a loyalty programme or have one running in your salon, remember that to be effective, the offer must be attractive. If you treat your client to an old-fashioned stamped coupon that’s easy to lose, you won’t win their hearts. The best way a loyalty programme will be effective for modern clients to come to your salon is to make the offer entertaining in one way or another and to motivate them to make appointments and referrals. The programme should be easily accessible and convenient for your clients. An online loyalty programme is much more exciting and attractive than the traditional voucher – and most of all, extremely flexible. You can tailor the programme to your salon’s needs, such as create rewards and determine how many points should be awarded for each action (appointments, purchases, providing feedback, making referrals etc). This is the perfect way to interact more closely with your client and let them have some fun. All of this can be done at minimal cost and effort – both for you and your clients.

It may seem that introducing all of these solutions needs to be done by a specialist or even by an entire marketing agency, but it’s not the case. In fact, each of these activities can be done easily by yourself just by using good salon management software. Just think: SMS and email communication, online booking, a reliable recommendation system, an effective loyalty programme… this can all be done automatically. All of this at just the click of a button!

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