Me and my kids

This is a really exciting time for me as two of my kids
are getting involved in the industry.

Yolanda wanted to go into medicine as she is very holistic, has her mother’s skills for art, is naturally gifted and has an amazing portfolio. She has been around the salon since day one and understands the mechanisms of day-to-day salon life.

Ruben wanted to pursue photography – he did six months at a leading London college and assisted one of our industry’s most talented photographers, Andrew O’Toole.

I was completely blown away when they both said they wanted to do hair. Yolanda has a natural eye for colour and has linked up with Christel Lundqvist, one of the industry’s leading colour innovators. Ruben now wants to pursue cutting/barbering and has a passion for fashion and design. Ruben is very keen to collaborate and get involved with other industry leaders. This whole profession is about collaboration and when I am mentoring, I always encourage my assistants to experience how other people do hair.

My youngest star is Stella, who is studying make-up and prosthetics. She has already had the opportunity to do her first show, for the Fellowship Member’s Night showcasing future talent. Her team came first, which I was delighted about. One day my kids and I will all share the same stage.

At the salon we have developed a programme called EDGE (Education, Design, Guidance, Excellence) – it’s a finishing school for the up-and-coming talent within our business.