Meet Akos Bodi

The European Creative Director at TIGI is Anthony Mascolo’s “right-hand man”

Hungarian-born Akos Bodi has worked for TIGI for 20 years, firstly in the USA but for the last 12 years as Anthony Mascolo’s ‘right-hand man’ in London. Education is a key part of his role, especially the creative side, and he also works with Anthony on the development of content for TIGI shows and photo collections. At Bed Head Studio Akos can often be found art directing shoots for TIGI salons, where he is on hand to offer advice and direction. Passionate about products and what they can do to enhance the work of the hairdresser, Akos also collaborates with the TIGI R&D team on the development and testing of new innovations.

Here Akos gives some advice on creating a collection:

Why is it important to shoot a collection?

From TIGI’s perspective this gives us the material that forms the basis of much of our education content for the coming year. It also gives us visual material to help salons promote their own businesses with posters, banners and social media assets. Beyond that creating a collection pulls the global team together enabling us all to share our own ideas collectively to find a ‘common-ground’ from which we can jointly create a new mood to progress our own work.

Why is it good for salons to shoot their own collections?

Apart from the obvious, which is about capturing an image and showing the creative side of your work, a photo shoot is great for team-building and inspiring your team, taking them out of their comfort zone. Participating in a shoot can charge the team’s energy but of course the additional pairs of eyes are good to appraise what’s being created.  A shoot gives the perspective and vision of hair (styles) moving forwards, but also inspires individuals making them move forwards too.

Today though, if shooting a professional collection is not in your plans, don’t forget you can use the same ethos to create imagery on your smart-phone and use them on your social media.

What’s the starting point?

A photo shoot should push your boundaries and challenge you. I’d advise you to firstly agree on a theme and do your research. Look at lots of fashion magazines, tear out pictures that catch your eye. The ‘feeling’ comes before the hair or the cut, so look at the makeup and the clothes, the lighting and the feeling created by the photographer. The feeling is what you want to create.  When you look at an image it’s the feeling that radiates.

What’s key on the day?

You need to arrive well-planned, knowing what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it in the time. Photo shoots are costly things and going over the allotted time can have costly results. Delegation is also important. You can’t do it all, so delegate to your team, using their strengths. If possible be the team leader, look at what everyone else is doing from an outside perspective, ensuring the pre-vision is being met and the styling, makeup, hair and photography meet your expectations.

How important are products?

Incredibly important. Massive! It’s a popular misconception that you use products on a shoot the same way as you do in the salon. You don’t! When you do a shoot you are reliant on the products, but you must be conscious of what the product is going to do, how much you need for the texture. It needs to be well planned because you can’t back down once it’s applied!

What TIGI products are always in your session bag?

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