Modern Beehive – Step by step by Syd Hayes

“My take on a classic beehive, this look is simple – it’s big, it’s bold, it’s cool, but a thick black headband gives it an edge and a really interesting shape” -Syd Hayes
At Creative HEAD’s live London event, The Coterie: In Session, session stylist Syd Hayes recreated his modern beehive, originally crafted for Hogan Milan’s Fall 2016 runway show.

Prep: Damp down the hair until it’s 60 to 80 per cent wet. Apply two handfuls of cream mousse from the roots to the ends and rough-dry until completely dry. Remember to place the headband (for dressing later) over the head and leave around the neck until ready.

Education_SydBeehive_stepbystep_1 Education_SydBeehive_stepbystep2 Education_SydBeehive_stepbystep3 Education_SydBeehive_stepbystep4 Education_SydBeehive_stepbystep5 Education_SydBeehive_stepbystepFIN

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