My 10 favourite images

I love these looks we’ve created over the years

We created this for TIGI’s Catwalk campaign in 2016. It’s pure beauty with a very editorial approach to hair colour.

Another look we created for TIGI in 2016 – this time we were shooting on location. I love this image as the overall story was about street and club culture.

How cool is this? It’s an image from a TIGI Bed Head campaign shoot in 2016 and therefore Grime-inspired and very colourful!

Everything works so well together in this 2016 TIGI campaign shot – hair, location, clothes styling…

I love this image from the TIGI Academy Collection 2016 as the cut and colour have a glamorous 70’s feel but the clothes are very street.

This was created for the TIGI Masterbrand collection back in 2012 and I love it as it’s just very simple bright copper hair but the image has a raw feeling to it