My 10 favourite images

These are the shots I love the most right now – and here’s why

This is from Pylot magazine (Photographer: Lillie Eiger; Make-up: Crystabel Reiley) This hair took 10 minutes to while the make-up artist was trying out something on the models face. I made it up on that moment using some pre-made hair pieces I bought with me that I hadn’t used before. I made the hair pieces years ago for another shoot and never went with the original idea.

This is from Pylot magazine too – in fact, you see find out a bit more about it here

This is from Anniversary magazine (photographer: Céline Bodin; stylist: Nina Walbecq; make-up: Andrea Gomezanzola). I love the grainy, mug shot feel to this photo. Céline is just brilliant to work with as she loves hair.

I first met Linda when she was about 15 years old. One day she came to a studio I was shooting at and said to us she wanted to cut her hair off. Her hair was at her waist. I immediately said she should shave it off! She came back at the end of the shoot and that’s exactly what I did. She transformed from looking like a little girl to a beautiful strong woman. This photo was taken in my bathroom (photographer: Daniyel Lowden; make-up: Athena Paginton). Linda is perched on my toilet while the afternoon sun shines through on her. The detail is in the ear, creating a little point in the arch.

Published in Petrie magazine (Photographer: Lillie Eiger; Make-up: Megumi Matsuno; Stylist: Noa Zarfati) I used velvet ribbons the stylist had with her for the clothes. This was completely made up on the day once she showed me the hat. The model, who was only around 12 years old, had amazing hair!

This was for Beauty Papers (photographer: Céline Bodin; make-up Lucy Joan Pearson). Inverting the photo really makes you focus on the classic hair shape.

We shot many different styles as part of a series for Beauty Papers.

Another shot with photographer Céline Bodin and with make-up by Lucy Joan Pearson. Working with Céline is incredible. Her knowledge of hair is crazy, working with all her references is so thrilling. We both just bounce of each other! This was created on the model’s real hair. It is not a wig!

This is one of my most liked photos on Instagram, which I find interesting as a mullet haircut is one of the most slated hairstyles… but we still love it! I cut and coloured the model’s hair the week of the shoot to get that real ‘80s ash blonde. Her hair has an amazing natural texture which I encouraged when styling to give it a soft finish.

This was for Anniversary magazine (photographer: Céline Bodin; stylist: Nina Walbeqc; make-up: Andrea Gomezanzola). This is a wig I cut and coloured especially for the shoot. I used a small tong and brushed it all out to give an airy, fluffy finish.