My 10 favourite images

These are the shots I love the most – and here’s why

This image emerged from a day when we had arranged to shoot on location but the weather had other ideas. We didn’t let that stop us and so we went to my salon and set up a studio in there. I chose to do wet look and even used water misters to create the effect either side of the model. Photo by Rob Grist.

The megapomp is one of my all-time favourites. I decided to get a group of guys from our local area and take some images at the fair that’s held towards the end of the summer. I did consultations to try and create exactly what that age range wanted at that moment. Photo by Rob Grist.

This image is from my ‘Stay Gold’ collection. I wanted to create a classic timeless look with a twist, so added height and volume to the curls by setting the hair. My good friend Alexander Purcell retouched the images by Rob Grist and gave it a fantastic final look.

Contrast is something that really draws the human eye. That’s why I love that this image – both skin-short and long, heavily textured hair on one head. It is also from one of my favourite photoshoots with The Bluebeards Revenge. Image credit: Ria Smallwood for The Bluebeards Revenge.

That beard! This model, Deacon, has been featured in many photoshoots of mine – I just love the texture and colours in his hair and beard. Image credit: Ria Smallwood for The Bluebeards Revenge.

This image was part of the Stay Gold collection and even managed to grace the front cover on a couple of occasions. It is my only image so far to do so. Fingers crossed I will be able to do this again one day, hopefully with the amazing new Mr Q magazine! Photo by Rob Grist.

From my ‘Squared Circle’ collection, which I built up by working on those shapes as the main features. This image had the curvature of the Mohawk and the circles shaved in the sides, almost like crop circles. When I did this shoot I wanted to forget the box even existed. Photo by Rob Grist.

The first image from my own little studio at home. A week after it was finished I was in there with my photographer friend Tom Davey and my wife Tenneille, who is a make-up artist and we created a collection on no budget and in our own little space! And what a great result we got.

Long hair for men is slowly making a come back and this image is a perfect example. I love it when people go for the opposite of what’s on trend and break the norm. Lets face it, that’s how the new trends form and I think that this is the direction we are moving in right now. Once again there’s some contrast there with the texture of the beard and the hair which complements each other beautifully. Image credit: Ria Smallwood for The Bluebeards Revenge.


This image is great because it has that real classic James Dean kind of feel, dragged into the modern day with that great beard which has been a vital part of the current barber boom. The whole look was used creating scissors – a necessary technique for those barbers wanting to continue the barber boom. Image credit: Ria Smallwood for The Bluebeards Revenge.

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