My creative projects: Sink the Pink

People then hair!

Since launching in 2008, Sink The Pink have transformed from a small, fun club night into a gigantic, genre-bending, expectation smashing, polysexual party, whose fans travel across the globe to attend.

“I wanted to understand each character on a much deeper level to reflect who ‘THEY’ are as people and celebrate them individually which is core to my philosophy and approach to my work”


I first met Sink the Pink co-founder Glyn Fussell in early 2014, when I cut his hair on set for a shoot with the photographer David Bailey. The connection between us was strong and over the following two years I worked closely with Glyn and the Sink The Pink movement to get to know the unique characters involved, gain their acceptance, and allow me to interpret their individual looks. The results show the Sink the Pink performers in a vulnerable new light. Stripped naked, both emotionally and physically, each character has his own story that inspired me to create and capture them in this way.

Concept and hair: Gianni Scumaci
Photography: Tomoko Nagakawa
Hair Assistants: Gill Berry & Kate Edwards
Make-Up: Self make-up
Production: GS Production