“The 80’s were a seminal time to grown up in. It was a period of experiencing new cultures and fads, a decade of sci-fi movies such as “Back to the Future” and “Tron” head the direction of youth culture as we know it today. This lead to an explosion of computer games, amusement arcades and the Geek Chic we know today.

The 80’s were a real time of colour and change both creatively and politically but interestingly a lot of the styles were influenced by 1950’s teenage culture that resonates too to the birth of the ‘Teen Dream’.

The shapes of the era were ‘extreme’ in both style and colour. This was inspired by movements such as ‘Post Punk’ and ‘New Romantics’ which in turn were inspired by androgyny and David Bowie who we are still taking inspiration from today.

This is what really resonated with us, the androgyny. When we look at adapting these themes to our work, it’s all about taking elements and ideas but making them about the here and now – like in our  collection, Arcade.”

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