My favourite images

I feel really proud when I see these shots…

Being a creative colourist means you have to think about how you can do something different with colour. I created a technique on hair which involves paint, along with additives like silicone to create cells of colour within the paint. This is my trial and error here. We have a studio so I get pretty crazy in it. I have been known to pull all-nighters in the studio and get kind of Jackson Pollock crazy. Lol

So another sort of avant-garde colour creation we did was to create a marbling effect onto hair using specialised paints. It’s very dramatic and very cool. I remember cracking this in the middle of the night, and just being very excited about it

We do these stories on social about pairing up with Pantone to create a ‘Skytone’. It’s a really interesting conversation and the guests are really interested in the new colours of the year. Pantone is becoming more and more important in hair colour

My favorite colour picture – this blend is amazing

Lavender hair colour is the colour of the moment. The subtle detail at the front and around the ear is just awesome

Our self-dry wall, where our guests often blow-dry their hair themselves. This allows our colourists to optimise time; also, some guests genuinely prefer to dry their own hair

This beautiful wall string art feature in the salon was created by our team together. I am very proud of it and proud of them coming together to create it. It’s a nice example of team unity

Everyone wants to see the Skyler London slide. It’s a fun feature in the salon. If you’re around come in and try it!