My Top 10

These are the shots I love the most – and here’s why

These images are from our 2016 collection that I created alongside [son of legendary stylist, Paul Mitchell] Angus Mitchell, purely for the sake of our craft. We chose models that were wide open to both cut and colour!

The model with the green splash of paint is Michaela – I called this hair cut ‘The Long Bang’! Her fringe starts where her ear connects to her head and then goes across her forehead…

I got to do the ‘INKworks’ campaign shoot around 2003, another incredible shoot that had complete freedom and vibrancy! It’s so cool that these images were shot 14 years ago when we pioneered these fashion tones – and here they are again!

This particular haircut was a HUGE change for the model. She was hoping for something shaved and edgy and she started with hair that was to the bottom of her neck and natural blonde… She loved it!

I’m so proud to be a part of the Alternative Hair Show in London, one of the shows my late mother was able to attend. I believe in this industry you are only as good as the people you hang around and the Robert Cromeans salon team look forward to celebrating our industry together more in the UK!

I love this photo as it reminds me of the early days of working with Paul Mitchell the man and his amazing stage partner Miss Jeanne Braa. Going to beauty school was the best decision I ever made.

This is from our latest collection, ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’. What I love about creating collections is the collaboration between all of our artistic directors and that each person has their own unique take on it.