One to watch: colour marbling

Is marbling the colour trend to watch out for in 2018? Ashleigh Hodges, creative director at Jamie Stevens Hair, certainly thinks so…

“It’s exciting to look at and can be done subtly to create added depth or super creatively”

“Marble is a huge trend throughout fashion, interiors and now hair,” says Ashleigh. “I love colour marbling and it’s going to be huge next year.”

But what is it?

“It’s a progression of the colour melt technique (where colours are blended together down the hair) and uses a colour melt as the base and then you go back in with a darker colour to marble depth into the hair,” explains Ashleigh.

Why will clients and stylists alike love it?

“Clients and colourists alike will love it, because it’s exciting to look at and can be done subtly with natural tones to create added depth and texture or super creatively using contrasting colours.”

How can stylists get creative with it?

“There’s a few different ways. For a bold look, it can be done by marbling colours together on a mesh and laying the hair into the colour.

“Or for a subtle look, you can create a colour melt and, using a small make-up sponge or paintbrush, marble in the darker tone.

“For the brave, it can be done as a full head application, or for a nod to the trend it can be done in hidden panels to reveal by styling the hair differently,” suggests Ashleigh.


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