Order! Artworld is now in session!

The Revlon Professional Session Team at Artworld – Emmanuel Esteban, Ceri Cushen, Sarah Necia Wood and Carl Brown – lift the lid on how they went from art piece to hair masterpiece!

Emmanuel Esteban,
Anne Veck Salons

‘The Only Way is Up’ by Damien Hirst,
selected by Doris Lockhart Saatchi

First thoughts

When I got the brief, I thought it was a painting, so my first idea was to actually paint on my model’s hair on stage and create the same shape. But when I realised that it was actually burns and shapes created by smoke, I had to change my plans. I decided to recreate the smoke effect, and because I like working with different textures of hair, I focused on finding a texture for the smoke and for the canvas.

How it came together…

I created a hard texture (my canvas) and a light one that I did on stage – the smoke. The hard texture I made was easy to find as I used it for a photoshoot for my last collection – just a very long process of sewing hair into a mesh!

Once I had both my textures, I was obsessed with recreating the smoke effect and really wanted to do something with fire! As creating fire isn’t really a safe option, I focused on making smoke and came up with the idea of blowing air into electric cigarettes. Once I had both my textures and the smoke, I just had to figure out how I would make it live on stage.

On the night

During the event, everything went well. I was happy with my look and the fact I actually recreated the smoke live in front of everybody! Rehearsing at home takes the pressure off when I’m on stage – I like things to be organised!

Ceri Cushen,
Metropolis Hairdressing

‘Hon’ by Niki de Saint Phalle,
selected by Julie Verhoeven

First thoughts

“Upon receiving the artwork, my reaction was “Oh my goodness, it’s a multi-coloured vagina with legs, I was terrified! But as time went on and I researched the artist, I got very excited. Next, I decided on the shape I wanted for the look. I was inspired by a hat by Phillip Treacy and wanted to use that shape but with hair. I decided that as well as keeping the feminine shape, I would use the colours from the piece in the hairstyle.

How it came together…

“I started by laying hair across a table, layering each colour on top of the other and finally folding the hair in half and securing with a large elastic. Next, armed with a wide tooth comb, a clipper and a can of Revlon Professionals Style Masters Modular Hairspray, I started to cut the bulk of the hair away and create the shape

On the night

“It was the most fun I’d had at a hair event ever! I enjoyed every second onstage. The whole evening was so interesting, it was fascinating to be able to see what the other artists had chosen and listen to the panel discussing their pieces.

The backstage atmosphere was fantastic – we all had so much fun pulling our looks together and John Vial did a wonderful job as mentor and keeping the team focused and relaxed.

I was thrilled Julie approved of my look and I really felt it fitted her aesthetic. Doris also came up to me after the show and said she loved it too, which was a huge compliment!

My highlights of the evening were seeing Doris Saatchi arriving with a Damian Hirst original tucked under her arm, and discussing merkins with Julie! It was also wonderful to show that hair is indeed art and hairdressers are artists.

Sarah Necia Wood,
Necia’s Hairstyling

Sketches from Christian Lacroix shows
by Tony Glenville,
selected by Tony Glenville

First thoughts

When I first got the news of the artist and saw the art I was completely taken aback with the elegance of the sketches. I loved how you could see the pen dance around the picture with abstract lines and soft curves. I was super excited about creating something. It was a long journey as I had so many ideas almost too many, but John and the team helped me along when we brainstormed our ideas together.

A little encouragement to think outside the box and create something abstract and not what people would expect from me. I wanted lines and curves just like these unfinished sketches of Tony’s. The fact that he never finishes them really stood out to me. It’s all about the lines.

How it came together…

My object I made at home consisted of three large hair donuts, and then I made edges out of cardboard and sprayed it all gold. I wanted to create an abstract shape with lines and curves and have little bits of it showing from the actual hair. When secured to the hair I made the bullet shape, then started to wrap tight elastic around it to show off the weird shapes. The two embroidery rings I sewed together and created some lines, I then started sewing in the hair with a large needle. That needle was my pencil, and that would be my sketch!

On the night

It was exciting, something different bringing the art world and the hair world together. It was great to work with a great team and be surrounded my influencing people.

Carl Brown,
Russell and Brown’s Vintage Salon

Heydar Aliyev Center in Azerbaijan,
designed by architect Zaha Hadid,
selected by John Vial

First Thoughts

“When presented with the image of Zaha’s building, I had a million different ideas. I wanted to create something impactful and domineering like the building itself, but as I delved further into design ideas and Zaha’s work, I decided to instead focus on the subtle similarities between her design and my hair work. I found that, surprisingly, there were a lot of parallels between the two. Zaha’s work was organic and fluid in its design. She never wanted any angular shapes and believed in bending the rules to create her masterpieces. After researching her work and inspiration further, I decided to then draw down ideas and come up with numerous concepts on how to create shape and as well as fluidity into the style whilst still maintaining my own injection of vintage style into it.”

How it came together…

“After discussing ideas with one of my fellow stylists for this event, I decided to try and build shape with a wire frame, drawing on the large curved lines of the Zaha design. I used wire fencing to match the shape and built a structure. Using this kind of material was completely out of my usual working method, and I found it difficult to get the shape and structure I wanted without it looking awkward and bulky.

I then decided to ditch the framework idea and move onto creating shape with padding and weave. Being much more familiar with this kind of structure, I felt this would allow me to be much more creative and comfortable with playing around with different shapes. I came up with a design for this, which we slowly adapted with the advice of John Vial (Revlon Professionals global influencer, and the panel member who chose Zaha Hadid’s building as his favourite piece of art) to further mirror the shape of the building and create that bold fluid line that is prominent in the image of the building.

I then decided to add a flair of my vintage swirling designs over the top of this shape. I felt this fitted well with the keywords I had researched by watching interviews with Zaha, who talked about creating fluidity in her work. She also described how her buildings were in some ways a landscape within themselves, which when viewed from above I felt the swirls helped to mirror.

On the night

“It was an amazing experience and a brilliant opportunity. When you work in a salon that has a strong aesthetic in terms of its work, it can be fairly insular and isolating in some ways, as all of our clients expect a certain style. So, it was amazing to be thrown into the midst of such brilliant stylists and mentors. All of the other stylists involved, as well as John Vial, have all been major sources of inspiration for me. I think it was a brilliant mix of styles and skills and it was such a privilege to be a part of it all. Although a little daunting standing up and presenting in front of some of the biggest names in the industry, it was a really great evening and I really enjoyed showcasing something different compared with what I would normally do. I hope this leads to more creative events and opportunities to flex my styling skills and experience!”