Our 10 favourite images of all time

We hope you enjoy these images as much
as we did creating them

fudge_chedu_gallerypanel1This is from the ‘Kanji’ collection.  We love this shot with the three models together – the strength in the blonde colour and precision cuts alongside the hint of editorial styling in the campaign
fudge_chedu_gallerypanel2This look was loved by so many hairdressers around the globe. It was our first collection with a Russian client called ‘Forgotten Circus’ and we started to play with hair up in our looks. The model’s hair was dead straight and we decided to create a drastic finished look with texture and shape

fudge_chedu_gallerypanel4This is from our ‘Fitz’ collection; it celebrates the phenomenon of the early Sixties and Seventies when Biba was in its heyday. We love how the soft flowing curls with heavy shapes look with those subtle undercuts. The model was only 15 years old when we spotted her and she went on to win a modelling contract
fudge_chedu_gallerypanel5This is from our glam rock ‘Children of the Revolution’ collection; we are massive Grace Jones fans, so it was an homage to her


fudge_chedu_gallerypanel7This was our first ever collection for Mazella&Palmer called ‘Blanc sur Noir’. The inspiration was from Bridget Riley’s optical art and Picasso’s The Acrobat. Black and white geometric shapes merge with the movement of sculptor Alberto Giacometti’s elongated surrealist statues. It was all about ensuring the eye was drawn to the hair and keeping the background and styling simple
fudge_chedu_gallerypanel8This is a great Fudge Headpaint blonde model from our core collection that we use within our education; its minimal shape demonstrates a strong foundation of cutting and colouring. It’s just a great classic image

fudge_chedu_gallerypanel9This is also from our core collection. If you look closely you’ll see the curve on the fringe matches the curve of the model’s eye brows. With our creations we also want the look to relate to the individual. We love playing with outlines and bringing balance to the face with cut and colour
fudge_chedu_gallerypanel10This was from our ‘Arcade’ collection; it was a play on the Eighties game Tetris. We shot in Russia and the models were stunning with strong cheekbones and looks. It’s a great fun look


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