Quick-fire quiz

Describe yourself in three words

Perfectionist, positive and a dreamer.

Name three places that are guaranteed sources of inspiration for you

In terms of actual places, it would be walking the streets of London, art galleries, Scandinavia/Stockholm and Denmark. Beyond that I would have to include W magazine, fashion trend setter websites and Tate Modern.

If I could work with one person, it would be…

Julian d’Ys. I would love to get the opportunity to understand his eye for fashion and art.

My greatest teacher/mentor was…

It’s really difficult for me to choose one as I have had some great people nurturing me throughout the years. But my first-ever boss Marina back in Sweden trained me to become a hairdresser and if it wasn’t for her endless support, guidance and training at the beginning I wouldn’t be where I am today.

What’s the one piece of advice you would pass on to a fellow hairdresser looking for fresh ideas?

To grow you need to explore, so don’t copy – make it your own by trying different ways and styles. Use fashion, photography, art and design and people as inspiration and it will be easier to create.

The hairdresser you should Google immediately is…

Julian d’Ys. He is just a bit of a creative genius. He’s not only a brilliant hairdresser he is also an artist with a great mind.

What’s the secret to presenting to an audience?

There are a few basic factors like knowing your audience and what you want to present but for me personally the secret is to be relaxed, logical and to know your subject. if you nail these parts, the rest unfolds really naturally.

What infuriates you about modern hairdressing?

What I find hard to understand sometimes is how some people use hair to create a shock factor, and beauty and suitability are completely forgotten about.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made… and what did you learn from it?

I make mistakes all the time but that’s how I learn and grow. If I don’t try different things I won’t develop as a hairdresser.  But I learnt early on that if hair is knackered, don’t bleach it – you will regret it.

Finish this sentence: young ambitious hairdressers today need to…?

Work hard and do the time. It doesn’t come easy or fast to learn this craft.

The look you wished you’d created?

Hmmm, this is a difficult one one. Probably Coco Chanel’s bob and colour.

If only they would bring back…

Wella’s really old colour mousses!

I’ll never tire of…

Creating blondes.

How do you first approach any new project?

I always research and find out as much as possible to be able to make it my own.

What do you need around you to be able to work?

Tidy space, as my mind is full of stuff. But a fully stocked colour bar and music are also a must.

If I hadn’t been a hairdresser, I would have…

Been a doctor as I wanted to study medicine when I was younger.

What skill should stylists learn that isn’t hair-related?

As I get older I can see how important it is to know about great communication skills and customer service to be successful in the salon. Take an acting class and learn about hospitality!

The most exciting place I’ve worked was…

This has to be working at TIGI as that place is a melting pot of some incredible people who are super-talented in fashion, design, make-up, hair, marketing and so much else besides!

What excites you most about hairdressing right now?

I love the fact that hairdressing is so connected to style and fashion and that there are so many opportunities for hairdressers now. There are jobs in education, session, film, theatre, salon work… Travelling the path is endless for people in hairdressing right now.

The most important thing you need to succeed in hairdressing is…

Dedication – this is a lifestyle, not a job.