Quick-fire quiz Christopher Brooker

Describe yourself in three words

In my time I’ve been called a relentless old f**ker

If I could work with one person, it would be…

Mother Meera, “modern mystic”

My greatest teacher/mentor was…

Vidal Sassoon. Why? He was an artist and gave me a job

What’s the one piece of advice you would pass on to any hairdresser looking for fresh ideas?

To begin with, totally commit ten years of your life to achieve your highest standards and then be open-minded

Name three places that are guaranteed sources of inspiration for you?


(a) Sitting under 300 foot of natural waterfall in the jungle

(b) In the outdoors, at home

(c) 171 New Bond Street – the spiritual home of the Vidal Sassoon philosophy


The hairdresser you should Google immediately is…

Mark Hayes

What’s the secret to presenting to an audience?

Be very good at what you do and communicate from the heart

What infuriates you about modern hairdressing?

That too many females, young and old, do not have good haircuts

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made… and what did you learn from it?

Too private to talk about

Finish this sentence: young ambitious hairdressers today need to…?

Learn as much as you can about our profession, and improve the stuff you’re not good at

The look you wished you’d created?

Marisa Berenson’s hair in the film ‘Barry Lyndon’, done by the House of Leonard Lewis

If only they would bring back…

If only WE would bring back hair cutting for females. (Obviously there are very talented ladies hair cutters, but there has been a general movement by the public away from them.)

I’ll never tire of…

A great haircut

How do you first approach any new project?

From the heart. Then by planning. Failing to plan is planning to fail

What do you need surrounding you to be able to work?


If I hadn’t been a hairdresser, I would have…

I dread to think

What skill should stylists learn that isn’t hair related?

People skills

The most exciting place I’ve worked was…

Wherever the flow of creativity exists

What excites you most about hairdressing right now?

The opportunity for wonderful hair design. Too few ladies have good haircuts now

The most important thing you need to succeed in hairdressing is…

Good health. It’s also our greatest wealth