Ever feel like there’s not enough hours in the day? Isn’t it a shame to waste your precious time on receiving and making phone calls? But how else are customers going to contact your salon and make an appointment? Slawomir Gawlowski, a business development coach, at Versum has the solution: online booking

“Let’s face it, time is money. And when we talk about running a successful salon, this statement takes on a deeper meaning. Surely anyone who has run a salon or worked for one knows that the list of daily tasks and responsibilities that can’t be neglected is endless. On top of all that, it’s the relationship created with the client and what you do for them that holds the greatest value for a business. Be that as it may, a good haircut or beauty treatment definitely goes a long way to making the client feel satisfied, but there’s more to it than just providing exceptional service. From the time an appointment is booked, followed by the booking confirmation, performing the actual service, waving bye to the client and maintaining ongoing contact with them – all of this requires great communication from the salon’s end. This encourages the client to keep coming back for more.

“Luckily, there is a solution that will help you tackle these issues without spending a great deal of your time: online booking.”

Hands and ears glued to the phone

“The moment things start getting busy in the salon, the phone starts ringing off the hook. Yet every client expects the staff member to devote his or her full attention to them. Nobody likes a distracted, multitasking hairdresser or beauty therapist who’s doing everything but attend to their client – they want the specialist to be all eyes and ears. Stepping away from the client to pick up that ringing phone can negatively impact that client’s level of satisfaction. On the other hand, every missed call might mean losing a potential booking. If the client’s unable to get through to the salon, they’ll simply choose another place. This is something you need to avoid.”

Raise clients’ level of comfort

“By providing your clients with the ability to make appointments over the internet, you respond to their needs. They’re given the comfort and ease to think freely about what services they need. At any time or day, they’re able to pick and choose the right date for their appointment. What’s also great about this solution is that they no longer need to make time during their busy day to make a personal visit to the salon. They don’t have to bother about squeezing in a phone call within the salon’s open hours. Even when it’s 9pm, the salon’s closed and they’re coming home from the gym, they can make a booking. There’s no stress involved. The option of online booking makes everyone’s lives easier and your client is going to truly appreciate it.”

Got a goldfish memory? No worries!

“Sometimes clients book appointments well ahead of time, let’s say eight weeks in advance. Then the hustle and bustle of everyday life happens, they get busy with work and personal life, and on the day of the appointment, they completely forget that they were supposed to be at the salon at 7pm to get their hair cut. The simple solution would be to remind clients about all their upcoming appointments – but that would take ages, wouldn’t it? Is there any way around this? Absolutely! An online booking system, such as Versum, is your virtual receptionist that takes care of everything so that you can carry on doing the important stuff. Not only will it make it easier for clients to book visits, but it’ll also remind them of upcoming appointments with the help of automatically sent SMS messages.”

Be social media savvy

“It goes without saying that social media is now the most popular communication channel. It’s used by billions of people worldwide and has become a customer experience channel. And this is where your salon factors in. You can add a booking button onto your salon’s Facebook page, making it easier than ever for clients to book with you as they’re already using this platform. It’s a good idea to keep this in mind: the narrower the gap, the closer your clients will be to becoming regulars at your salon.

“Modern solutions are a goldmine in today’s world. They’re the reason that clients are able to experience the amazing customer service that they’re expecting. The online booking system available in Versum salon software is an easy-to-use, reliable (and free) add-on with many advantages. Depending on your needs, it can complement your website or even replace it completely. It’s a simple, elegant virtual business card where potential customers can find all the vital information about your salon, its employees and services. They’ll have all the info they need to encourage them to take advantage of your enticing offer and keep coming back to you as a regular client.”

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