‘Self’ by Damien Rinaldo

“It’s you, nothing but you, not more or less, not trying to make yourself something you’re not.” – Damien Rinaldo, AHFA Hairdresser of the Year 2018

In a call for authenticity to reign once more, Damien Rinaldo’s 2018 AHFA-winning collection, ‘Self’,  features real skin and real hair, and demonstrates an artfully stripped-back beauty.

The hairstyles the Adelaide-based hairdresser created for the shoot were designed to present a raw look at each model, functioning like a biography in a picture.  Their blonde hair pops against the dark backdrop and every beauty mark, imperfection, freckle and line is proudly on display, and even mirrored in the carefully chosen accessories. “The beauty of the collection is that the wearers own their hairstyles,” Damien added, “instead of their hair wearing them.”

In terms of styling, photographer Peter Lindbergh had a big influence on the shoot.  “His style of images includes black and white imagery, celebrities and close headshots or from the torso up,” Damien explained. “He had a simplicity and raw energy of biographical work that I was looking for. Mine is a ‘beauty’ shoot, using close shots rather than long shots that can make you feel cut off from the person, but of course with an emphasis on the hair.”

This year’s AHFA win is Damien’s third and he described the collection as having “the DNA of Boris the Cuttery, but taking things a new, back-to-basics direction.” This is particularly demonstrated in one of the images, which features a striking progression of the salon’s iconic hair tapestry look, with threads and sequins woven throughout.

Hair: AHFA Hairdresser of the Year 2018 – Damien Rinaldo of Boris the Cuttery, Adelaide
Make-up: Belinda Zollo
Photography: Andrew O’Toole
Styling: Ella Murphy

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