Skyler London

Welcome to my first-of-a-kind, colour-only salon

I’m always surprised at how often we are asked about our salon, Skyler London. It is not that I am totally surprised, but everything is still quite new and we get a LOT of questions about it, inside and outside the industry. If a hairdresser is asking me about the salon the conversation usually goes like this:
“It’s a colour only salon, right?’
“So you only do colour, right?”
“So, no cutting.”
“Yes – no cutting.”
“How does that work?”
I really don’t mind being asked this; in fact, I enjoy it, because I feel we are on top of something very new and exciting. I genuinely feel this every time we are in salon. The salon feels like the epicentre of a change in the hairdressing industry and being there feels like coming home. That is not PR fluff, I genuinely feel this way. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of me explaining this concept would be able to tell you how passionate I am about it!
The most wonderful thing about this salon is that I did not create it alone. You created it. What I mean by that is, I spent years spending time with the industry’s top colourists. I would ask them what we could do to make hair colour better in the salon, what would they love to have. I took a little bit of information from each colourist and created a colour salon with my team that a colour expert would like to operate in. I didn’t come up with these ideas all on my own, and Skyler London wouldn’t be what it is today without the wise words of phenomenal colourists.

The other part of this salon concept was created by our colour consumer. I felt we had to re- evaluate consumers who colour their hair. How is our industry speaking to these people about professional colour, or even just hair colour? What do they think about us? I would spend time in pharmacies, looking at box colours and striking up conversation with box dye buyers. It was very eye-opening.
We feel so passionately about hair colour in our salon. At the heart of our company is the belief that hair colour should be fun, brilliant and accessible. We believe it so much we wrote it on the wall, so myself and our team never forget what we are doing.