In my kitbag

I’m a nightmare with my kit.
I lose everything!



I’ve never had expensive scissors since Sally Brooks (my old boss at Brooks & Brooks) said she didn’t invest too heavily in kit as doing show work makes it hard to hang onto stuff. I think we are quite similar like that. Just like Sally, I have Yasuku’s which are around the £100 mark. Though, to be fair, I don’t really cut that much these days.

I love razor cutting and use an old-fashioned cut-throat with no guard. Guards are not helpful when you are cutting with a razor and still want to keep a strong shape. I feel very comfortable with an open blade since my mum taught me at 16.  I just can’t get my head around the modern types.


Hair up

When I teach hair up all I really need is a tail comb, large pins and a can of liquid mousse. I’m just not that fussy, really. For dressing out, the Cloud 9 brush is pretty banging. I know everyone loves a Mason & Pearson, but I’m just not that bothered. I hate this idea that people get snobby over what you use. Judge my work, not my kit.


For balayage, I do use cling film occasionally but I must admit I find it a pain in the ass these days. To keep the heat between sections I started to use large foil instead of the pretty little sheets that are printed out of my machine. Previously, I wouldnt be caught dead with a roll of Tesco’s own foil, because it’s seen as unprofessional in so many high end salons. I used to think, What if someone from Sassoon or Trevor Sorbie walked in, they’ll think I’ve got sloppy! Over time I’ve started to open my mind past the limitations I put on myself and stopped concerning myself with what people might think. I’m now much more focused on the end product, rather than a set process. 

che_sophiacolourpanelOther colouring bits…

I couldn’t live without cotton wool. We use it all day in my salon and on my course. We use it when doing long re-growth applications to keep the colour perfectly off the root and between balayage. I always have it split into three sections because otherwise it would be far too bulky.

I use the balayage paddles from L’Oreal a lot. They have a nice texture and don’t have ‘teeth’ on them like some of them do. I really don’t like the teeth because they pull the product off.

Evo brushes are great for balayage, and we’ve got some cheep ones in rainbow colours, which are also fab.

There is just no way I’d do a colour without INNOluxe. If we’re not using colour additives I really feel we are not providing the best service we can. Now that we have the technology we just can’t turn back. I CANT go back to damaging people’s hair. In 20 years’ time, future generations will laugh at the destruction we used to cause. Hair damage will slowly become history. How awesome is that? I think it’s cool I live in the generation where the change happened.