My 10 favourite images

I love these looks we created in the salon…

I’ve started to do a lot more with very deep tones on the root. I really feel it makes it look more expensive. This is created by adding black to the direct colour.
This is a shot from my Grey Specialist course. I feel like although it’s an awesome trend, hairdressers are pulling their hair out with all the complications around it. My biggest tip is to completely rule out trying to create grey on a base 8 and below. Yes, it can be fine but the fade is awful. Who wants yellow and grey? It’s just not fair on your clients.
This was the first time we pushed three very contrasting tones on my Perfect Bleed course. It makes me giggle because there I was trying to explain how you can still make these tones look expensive, and then I took her gown off and she was wearing Playboy! Ha!
Love this shot! It was a total accident!  Yes, I did the mid-band colouring when I won L’Oréal Colour Trophy but that was not my intention here. I had bleached the tips in order for the ends to be super-light, but as the root colour came off it stuck to the tips! I loved it and thankfully so did my lady!
This look won Behind The Chair’s Image of the Year. I just wish I’d taken a ‘before’ picture because the client’s hair was a mess when she came to me! I had bled a black semi-permanent ‘real colour’ into direct for the first time, which was terrifying. But it worked!
This was the final look of the wig we had created. I’ve got such a thing about doing this, in order to show off the shine. Mostly this is down to a hell of a lot of Innoluxe (colour additive), which I now use not only on every client, but on my wigs too!
This was one of my favourite days in the salon. My client Rebecca is a neon artist, and she had a gallery showing that night. Her brief to me was: I want it neon, and I want you to do something with thread to match my artwork. This style was not planned at all – it was completely improvised, and that’s why it was so enjoyable. Often when I do this kind of work we have weeks to practice, and put ourselves under lots of pressure about what people might think of the results. But this was just pure freedom and it reminded me how good it feels to be in an environment where you can express yourself without being judged.
This is one of the models from the first-ever Grey Specialist course that I ran in my academy. I’d realised there is a nation of hairdressers panicking about this trend, with nowhere to go. Grey is so damn hard, but we can’t shy away from it. If you want more information on my Grey Specialist course click HERE 
This client only ever pays half price when she comes in. With that, I get to do whatever I want! I book myself out for an entire evening and just let loose. It’s so rare that I have the time to do this kind of work nowadays, so it’s important that I grab these opportunities to be creative.

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