I absolutely love working in the music industry…

My first music job was for the Spice Girls’ first appearance on Top of the Pops. I got this gig as I had assisted Eugene Soulieman on their album cover shoot. It was the first time I worked with the make-up artist Karine Darnell and I’ve collaborated with her ever since.

I did a bit more promotional work with the Spice Girls and from there the music companies seemed to like me and booked me for more work. Over the years I’ve worked with artists like Björk, Kylie, All Saints, The Sugababes and Ellie Goulding.

I met Girls Aloud when I did the shoot for their single  ‘Sound of the Underground’, and went on to work with them throughout their career. Obviously, it was here that I met Cheryl and work with her on X Factor, promotional work and her L’Oréal Paris campaigns.

We were backstage at Graham Norton and had about an hour before the show started when we decided to do a major change and cut her hair short. This probably wasn’t the best timing with such a short time before a live TV show. This is the photo Cheryl posted of herself (left) from backstage and after that show it made me realise fully the power of celebrity. My phone didn’t stop ringing afterwards, with TV and magazine requests.

It’s because I’ve built up a trusting and close relationship with Cheryl that she let me make a major change and that’s key when working longterm with celebrities –  or any clients, to be fair. Always be yourself and always be honest if asked. You don’t need to be opinionated but if you are asked, answer honestly – even if you may upset other people – which is hard especially if you think you may not get re-booked. But in the end people know they can trust you.

As in life it’s about treating everyone the same – and people I’ve met through work have gone on to be great friends.


Finally, here’s The Sugababes singing ‘Round Round’ – I did the hair for this – one of the many videos I styled over the 10 years I worked with them