Star stylings – creating red carpet looks for Emma Stone

She got playful with Cara’s platinum pixie and is the woman behind Emma Stone’s stunning red carpet looks – we caught up with Mara Roszak, owner of West Hollywood’s Mare Salon and celebrity hairstylist, as she prepared Miss Stone for the premiere of her latest Oscar buzz-generating movie, The Favourite, at the BFI London Film Festival…

Emma isn’t afraid to experiment with red carpet styles – what has been your personal favourite to create?

This was one of my favourite styles to create! Emma has been such a creative dream for me. I’ll come with ideas and she’s always open to them.

Do you have a red carpet saviour you always have in your kit to rely on/ just in case?

Wig tape! Or double sided tape. You never know what bow or accessories you may need to tack down.

What is the biggest difference between shoots and red carpet work?

There is a huge difference in approach when you compare editorial to red carpet. There are many factors to consider with red carpet – lighting, movement etc. – not to mention the style is completely three-dimensional, whereas for a shoot the environment is much more controlled.

What is the most challenging situation you’ve had to deal with on a job?

Honestly, the rain can be pretty challenging. An awards show in the rain has to have been my biggest challenge yet!

Where do you get your red carpet inspiration – the clothes, the make-up, the event as a whole ?

My inspiration comes from everywhere and everything! I never know when it’s going to make its way in, but staying open as a creative is key. The wardrobe often sets the tone. It’s very important to me that the overall look is cohesive and tells a story of the character, so to speak.

What item would we be surprised is in your kit?

A tooth brush probably.  It’s great for those tiny, hard to tackle hairs.

In recent years, Emma has been switching between an enhanced version of her natural blonde tones and her signature red. How do you balance styling needs on a press tour with maintaining colour integrity? Do you plan looks in advance with hair stress and product usage in mind?

Helping to keep her hair healthy is the main focus for me. Healthy hair equates to beautiful hair. I always take my clients hair condition into consideration when styling and using oils and serums before adding heat does truly protect the hair. I want to make sure I don’t ever put too much strain on the hair.

Mara shares how she created Emma’s London premiere look…

After giving her a fresh cut the day before the event, Mara decided to go for a relaxed wave on the red carpet, with one side of the style tucked behind Emma’s ear.  An embellishment was added in the form of a silver, star-spangled headpiece by LA accessories designer Erica Elizabeth. The aim was to create a look that was regal and modern, with subtle inspiration drawn from Emma’s new film.

  • “Starting with towel-dried, damp hair, I worked JOICO Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil colour protection oil drops through Emma’s ends
  • Next, I blow dried her hair with a medium boar-bristle brush, and worked to keep the strands as smooth as possible
  • I then sectioned her hair and used a one-and-a-quarter inch barrel curling iron to create an S wave across each piece, moving the tool up and down to create smooth and soft curls
  • Once her hair was curled and waved, I brushed it through using a Sheila Stotts metal bristle brush. I spritzed JOICO Rose Gold Temporary Shimmer Spray all through the hair as I worked, distributing the shimmer through the lengths
  • Next, I took the silver head piece and placed it at the crown of Emma’s head, towards the back. I chose this position because when she turned her head to the side, you could see the detail of the head piece and the shimmer through the hair
  • I then sprayed the entire style with JOICO Flip Turn to provide flexible hold
  • For any rogue hair strands that remained, I took the pointed tip of a rat tail comb and dipped it into JOICO’s JOIGel Firm. I gently applied this to spots with loose hairs at the hairline and within the style to tuck them away and give a polished finish”