Steal the style – braided bun, as seen on Kylie Jenner

by | 30 Aug 2016

Once known simply as the youngest Kardashian, Kylie has now stepped out of her sisters’ shadows and is making waves with her showstopping hairstyles – featuring plaits, knots and all the colours of the rainbow. So when your clients come in wanting to look like the queen of Instagram, make sure you’re ready to give them what they want. Pete Burkill, from the HOB Salons Creative Team, shows you how


Step 1: Start with well-combed, damp (but not wet) hair.

Step 2: Divide hair into six sections, starting from the front and going back to the nape of the neck. Clearly define each section and clip away so as not to overlap – you want each parting to look clean.

Step 3: Starting with a section closest to the ear, separate the section into three strands and make three stitches of a normal braid by passing the right piece under the middle, the left piece under the middle and continuing for three.

Step 4: Start cornrowing by holding the outer strands aside and reaching under the initial braid to add a little hair to the middle strand, ensuring the middle strand is fully merged with the hair. Continue this to the back of the head, taking hair into the middle strand.

Step 5: Continue plaiting down the length of the hair until the end then secure with a snag-free hair elastic.

Step 6: Move to the opposite side and repeat for plait two, so as to ensure balance, returning to the opposite side for plait three, and continuing until all six are completed and you have a middle parting. Dampen hair with water mixed with a detangler spray – I recommend Eimi Perfect Me.

Step 7: When all six braids are complete, gather them in a low bun and pin to complete this low braided chignon. Clients can keep this style neat overnight by wearing a silk scarf to stop hair slipping out. If maintained, the style could last a week, or even longer.


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