It was all hands on deck at Fyodor Golan, with at least six hair stylists working on each model.

“This look is inspired by Botticelli’s famous painting of Simonetta Vespucci, but with the ‘90s twist you expect from Fyodor Golan,” explains session stylist, Syd Hayes.  Created using BaByliss PRO tools (and a little help from Hare&Bone’s Sam Burnett on the team), the hybrid look featured braids, beads, finger waves and silver paint – a clash of styles that complemented the bright and beautiful collection perfectly.


Step 1: Start by curling the front of the hair with the Dial a Heat 13mm Tong by BaByliss PRO.

Step 2: Take a section through the front, but on an off-centre diagonal, from hairline to crown. Then place gel on the front section and use your fingers and the tail of the comb to create a wave by pushing against the hair, back on itself.

Step 3: Hold the waves in place with a pin curl grip, and wind the remainder of that section of hair around a wet set roller, taking particular care to make sure the ends are properly tucked in.

Step 4: Divide the hair into diamond sections to create 13 braids, including one long braid at the back – each braid has to be perfectly tight and clean.

Step 5: Tidy wisps with the Titanium Expression Ultimate Styler by BaByliss PRO.

Step 6: Add 10 beads to the end of each braid.

Step 7: Add make-up paint in white or silver to the waves, remove the wet set roller and then pin the curl up and back into one of the braids.