Party season means hair ups in salon are on the rise. Want something fresher? All hail Cara Delevingne and her talent at punking up the pretty!

If you’re looking for some inspiration to give clients a bit of an edge this party season, then look no further than fun times role model Cara Delevingne, who we can always rely upon to add a bit of punk to anything pretty. This parting plait is a fresh take on many of the braids we’ve seen clients ask for – it’s small but it makes a big statement.

“Braids have been a huge trend since hitting big at SS15 fashion weeks, and they’re becoming increasingly popular as the styles become even more creative,” says Mathew Soobroy, brand ambassador, principle stylist and manager at Charles Worthington salons. “Parting braiding is great to add a small focal point like Cara or you could wear it all up and off the face for a more dramatic statement.”

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Simply take two parting sections of hair about 10-15 cm apart. You can place these sections wherever it suits the face – probably where the hair is usually parted.
  1. With your client’s head slightly dropped, create your three mini sections as you would for a normal plait and start to French braid from the crown. Stay close and tight to the scalp, adding additional strands of hair each time.
  1. Continue all the way to the end and secure with a clear band.
  1. Using a pin, secure the braid at the forehead to hold and then pin the rest of the hair braid behind the ear to create the ‘Cara’ effect.