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Michael Young explains how creative colour work is key to driving your salon business

Michael Young is co-owner, along with business- and life-partner Gary Hooker, of the Hooker & Young empire – a group of five luxurious, award-winning and extraordinarily busy salons in the North East of England. At Hooker & Young the signature look is beautiful, wearable and impeccably coloured hair – just like the looks that were created for Creative HEAD’s Disheveled Nudes shoot for the IGORA #RoyalTakeover. Here, Michael shares his ‘take’ on colour in 2018

Describe your colour work in three words

Uncomplicated, bespoke, relevant.

What kind of looks can you create with the new Disheveled Nudes tones?

The Disheveled Nudes give a lovely flattened-out result without straying into ashy tones – a more muted feeling that just looks cooler and not so obvious. They’re really good for a more natural look and give you a fantastic palette to work with skin tones in a more precise way.

How useful will Disheveled Nudes be in your salon?

Clients are generally a bit more switched on about colour these days, and quite specific about what they want, so a wider colour portfolio can only be a good thing to help the colourist achieve the perfect results. The Disheveled Nudes are a great addition to the Schwarzkopf colour portfolio and absolutely bang-on for what clients want right now.

With Disheveled Nudes, what can you create now for clients that you couldn’t before?

A more bespoke result with a lot less complication! I no longer need to cocktail colours together to create the perfect shade.

What’s key to getting clients into the salon for colour, rather than doing it themselves at home?

Application, application, application! Although clients may think they can buy good colour off the shelf, they can’t buy a colourist to go with it so that is our trump card and always will be. Using colour in a creative way is something that clients can’t do themselves.

Name the biggest challenge facing colourists right now?

Instagram! Those filters! Clients genuinely believe that what they are seeing is reality! It’s really tough explaining to someone that what they’re actually looking at has been filtered to look lighter, cooler, richer… and so on. It almost looks like we are copping out of a situation and we don’t want to do the colour!

And the biggest opportunity?

Open minds. The modern client is more adventurous and open to change, which is fantastic for hair colour!

Do you ever tire of working with colour?

Definitely not! Hair without colour is like an outfit without shoes. You just wouldn’t do it!

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