That Friday Feeling!

The biggest question I get asked is, “What colour did you use on that?”

I’ve got a real problem with colourists or creatives who are unwilling to share. Why not? It’s only going to help us all in the long run.

Social media is a great platform for this. Whenever I post a picture of a hair colour I’ve created, I try to provide the formulation to go with it – almost like an online colour chart.

The feedback has been great. People I’ve never met have come up to me at events to thank me for posting as it has helped them out of a creative jam on a busy Saturday. It’s about creating a sense of community among colourists, where we can all share our findings. Why would we not want that?

I started #formulafriday so that all these discoveries could be found in one place. So if you do post a colour snap, share the formula, hashtag it, and you never know – it could help you out in the future too!