The Mazella&Palmer ‘take’ on education

Our students know that practice makes perfect!


All hairdressers have talent, but it is hard to make the best of our potential. How you nurture and guide yourself can take you in a new direction, out of a comfort zone and into your full potential. That’s why constantly educating yourself is so vital in our craft.

We created Mazella&Palmer from over two decades of education and salon experience; our teaching provides a universal concept that makes education accessible and relevant to all levels of hairdressers. We have taught and worked alongside leading hairdressers throughout the world, and this has added a technical and creative direction that excites stylists globally and enables us to share our knowledge with others.

We’ve developed a unique way of hairdressing within the academy of Mazella&Palmer; the basic foundation of a Line, Graduation and Layers are the building blocks of all cuts and styles in the hairdressing world. Mixing these with the three principal shapes – round, square and triangle – whilst combining disconnection and the placement of a line to the bone structure, we’re able to teach others to create an endless degree of looks.

We’re always looking to help hairdressers not only to enhance their creative potential but also to increase salon revenue, giving them the understanding of what we’ve called our education ethos, “Advantage through Technique”.


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