The ‘Pin-ger Wave’

As soon as we saw the stunning metallic, finger-waved wig at this year’s Saks Gathering, we had to know – just how did Luke Pluckrose do THAT? In his own words, here are the brains behind the brilliance…

“Creating something for a hair show that hasn’t been done before can be a challenge. I always want to come up with something that would make hairdressers think: ‘That’s cool, why didn’t I think of that?!’… which I do myself a lot!

The idea for the Material World presentation at this year’s Saks Gathering came from constantly hearing hairdressers describing hair as a ‘material’, so I thought I’d actually use materials that could mimic the flow and shape of hair.

I used blonde hair grips to create the ‘Pin-ger Wave’ – an undulating style based on a iconic 1920s finger wave – which featured in the Metals section of the show. It took me quite a while to complete – and frustratingly, there was a total restart involved – but it was quite simple to do. I lined up hundreds of grips on strips of ribbon, before manipulating the grips into the required shape and gluing each strip to a wig cap.

As well as the waves, the Saks Art Team and I created three other metal-based looks. We used wavy pins to create a cute (if deadly) little ‘fro,  jewellery chains to create a mermaid-esque long wig nicknamed ‘Goldilocks’, and hair rings – all painstakingly hand linked – to form a graphic metallic bob.